Thursday, August 23, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So apparently I had some funky setting so that only the privileged few could actually leave comments. Awkward. It has now, hopefully, been fixed so everyone can leave comments. Sooooo I am now expecting comments from everyone! No, but really, it has been fixed so if you would like to leave some comment love you now can. It's always appreciated ;) Plus that way I'll know if it's really fixed!

  • While driving up to Provo last Friday we saw a lighthouse.... on the side of the freeway... in the middle of a desert. What the? I'm still confused over that one.
  • Chad and I decided to wander around and take pictures at one of the new buildings on BYU's campus while Ash and Pat were at church. The sign said the section we wanted to go to was closed but that didn't stop us. What did stop us was the crazy alarms that I set off. Seriously, building wide crazy loud alarms sounding. I'm hoping we end up in the police beat section of the newspaper.
  • On the drive home from Provo we got stuck behind some crazy California driver. He couldn't keep a consistent speed so we tried to pass him. All of a sudden he decided that he wanted to go 100 mph. Sweet. It was a fun game passing, then being passed. The strangest part was how he used his turn signals. He wouldn't use them to signal a lane change, that's ridiculous! Instead he would be driving in he left hand land and then turn on his Left signal. Where you going buddy? Or would be passing a semi and turn on his Right signal. As soon as he would pass the truck he would turn it off. Is there some sort of special way to use your turn signals in California that I am unaware of because this guy seemed nuts-o.
  • Dancing in my office to Kelly Clarkson because I was sooooo bored, then getting caught by a patient dropping something off. Don't be jealous of these sweet moves. At least I wasn't singing.
  • Pulling out an armful of charts (seriously about 40) only to find a GIANT black bug sitting on top only inches from my face. I did what any normal person would do. I screamed, threw the charts in the air and ran away (still screaming) flailing around a bit. Maybe a lot. There was a lot of jumping and waving. My manager though I had hurt myself. She hung up with the insurance company she was talking with and came running over only to find me laughing hysterically now. There were charts everywhere and one fat, black cricket (yup, just a cricket) hiding behind the filing cases laughing at me and my crazy.
  • Spending the weekend in Provo with Ash and Pat! We are overly excited to have them close by.
  • Getting a package from the parents! Including a new Jeffery Deaver book. woot. 50 more pages and I'm done. His books are the best!
  • Monsoon Season! The rain and the storms are intense. The thunder and lightning are crazy! The roadways are turned into rivers and the thunder bounces around and rumbles for a long while. The weather has put on quite a show for us.
  • Jury Duty. More spefically for the Dr. Jury duty for the Dr. = Happy Danielle at work.
  • The new building on Dixie State's campus is awesome. It's super modern and has all these glass walls, balconies and all sorts of fun things. It's pretty impressive.


  1. Glad you like the Book. Let us know what you cook with the bag-o-bean assortment. Love you.

  2. You are awesome.

    And I imagine if we lived closer we'd be bffs.

    1. I can pretty much guarantee we would! I won't tell you how long it took me to figure out how to spell guarantee. Maybe one day we will live closer!