Thursday, August 9, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • I came into work the other day only to find the biggest cockroach ever. This thing was a good inch and a half, two inches long, no lie. It was awful. So of course I went to take a picture of it. As soon and I got close enough to get a good picture it started moving. AGH! Twitching, and squirming with it's gross legs. Holy crap it was horrifying. Fortunately it was too far gone to actually move. So it just sat in the corner twitching for a good part of the day. Because you better believe there was no way I was going near that thing again, let alone getting close enough to pick it up and dispose of it. Chad came to the rescue at the end of the day and flushed it so I wouldn't have to avoid it for another day. He's brave like that.
  • Wandering around the clothing section of the hardware store I smelled something weird. It's been r-e-a-l-l-y hot here so I did a quick armpit check to see if I was the funky smell. Nope, so I checked the other arm. That's when I was caught. Now it didn't matter that I wasn't the weird smell, that other lady now knew that the funky odor was coming from the crazy girl sniffing her armpits.
  • Breaking the computers at work. Ok, I didn't really break them but I thought I did. A program wasn't working so I just decided to restart the computer. Then the computer decided that it didn't want to start back up again but instead display a lovely black screen with a blinking cursor. After a million tries at restarting, it finally just decided to turn back on. Phew. Side note: the program that started the whole mess still doesn't work. Boo. What a waste of a morning.
  • Occasionally we have people call that only speak Spanish. Which is fine when other people are here who do. I do not. On my best day I can stumble through a conversation in Spanglish, heavy emphasis on the -glish. Most people are nice and slow waaaaaay down for me. Not the crazy lady who called Monday. She just kept right on going, full speed ahead, becoming angry at me that I didn't speak Spanish. Finally, after minutes of her just talking and then yelling at people around here (I was seriously on the phone for 5 minutes just listening to her yell at different people, um, hello? Do you still need me here?) she finally put her small, small child on the phone to talk with me. This girl was young enough that she didn't know her own phone number. It was slightly ridiculous.

  • Chad and I have been thrift store pros as of late. Two of our favorite finds: super sweet boots for me and a slick watch for Chad.
  • I've been getting a ridiculous amount of sleep lately. I'm finding that the ideal amount of sleep for me is about 9 hours. There is nothing more glorious than getting 9 hours of sleep for consecutive nights.
  • Ash and Pat are moving out to Utah!!! :) They will be in Provo, still a couple hours away but right next door in comparison to Michigan. We are super excited and can't wait to see them! 
  • We made our Panera Mac and Cheese again tonight, and actually used dijon mustard. That makes all the difference. It was slammin'. You need to make this ASAP, and don't forget the dijon! Also, cayenne pepper was a much better substitute for the hot sauce then red pepper flakes. We could have ate the whole pot.

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