Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Monday, Tuesday Fail

I had a beautiful post for you Monday. It was glorious really.

Ok... it wasn't that exciting really, but it had a rockin' recipe for Blueberry Muffins. My mom's Blueberry Muffins. Our Christmas Blueberry Muffins :) Mmmmm

Thanks to CTRL Z you don't get to see it. Stupid CTRL Z. Instead of undoing the last thing I did it just undid everything, leaving me staring at a blank page. Excellent. Then blogspots handy dandy autosaver saved my blank page. Thanks so much.

While I could have just re-wrote the darn post it seemed like a lot of work. Plus it was 11pm and that's when cranky, sleepy Danielle comes out to play. It's best if she just goes to sleep/relaxes and doesn't actually try to do anything productive. It's best for everyone, especially Chad ;)

Yesterday I also had grand plans at writing something super awesome. Except I really didn't have anything super awesome. And.... Chad and I didn't make it home for good until 9pm. We finished eating dinner around 10. Tuesdays are shaping up to be killer days. Hopefully we'll get into the swing of things and our schedules will smooth out a little bit.

I hung out for an hour after work until Chad's class ended and he picked me up at 5, I then dropped him off at school and rushed home to make dinner and wait for the maintenance man who never came. I was welcomed with lots of tiny little ants all over the counter and stove top. Sweet. I sprayed them all with whatever chemical concoction was available and just left them there to die. Gross, I know. Our once small ant problem is spreading around the kitchen. Grrr.

I went to pick up Chad at 7 and after running some errands and getting some more school supplies we finally made it home. The ants were gone. Seriously, all of the previously killed ants had disappeared. Now there were still a bunch of live ants running around but my dead ones were gone. Where did they go?

The ants are just the tip of the iceburg though. We've got these beauties outside on our patio.

Not the best picture but that is a black widow. Chad got some better pictures on the real camera. sorry :(

And cockroaches that keep sneaking into our house. They like to run in when I open the door. Gross. I've also been informed that scorpions will come out to play as the weather cools down. I am not preparred for scorpions. Or running into one of these for that matter.

Yup, that's a freakin' tarantula. We ran into him hiking at Zion's. He was actually pretty cool.

I was not properly prepared for the bug situation here. Because, for real, it's a situation.

We discovered poor Rukia had ants all over her last night. EEEEWWWW. We finally figured it out when we saw her food bowl c-o-v-e-r-e-d in them. No wonder she wasn't interested in eating any of her food.

Chad stayed up late last night trying to remedy the situation while I passed out early. There is lots of RAID in our future.

Not only did he attempt to fix our ant problem, fingers crossed it works, but he put dinner away, took out the pup and hauled the trash outside for pick up. After being in class from 9 until 7. All while I slept. Did I mention that he also made half of our dinner? He's great like that. :)

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