Thursday, August 30, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

This week hasn't been the most exciting. We've mostly been trying to keep up with our new schedules. One car worked out just fine the past two semesters but it's getting a bit more complicated now that Chad is taking 16 credits. It's also hard for him to pick me up from work when I get bored waiting around and start to wander to nearby stores. Granted, I did text him, but I didn't know his phone had died. Woops. It made for a stressful Tuesday night. We think we've got our schedules figured out so hopefully next week will run a bit smoother.

As for this week it's mostly just been running around, lots of driving back and forth, schopping for school supplies, more shopping for last minute surprise school supplies and killing bugs. We are happy that Friday is almost here.

  • An old lady showing up to her apointment 15 minutes early and deciding the best way to pass the time is to sit and stare at me. Seriously, a whole 15 min of some old lady stranger just staring right at my face. Every once in a while I would make awkward eye contact and smile. She would keep her same straight face and not budge. No smile, no "hi", nothing.
  • We are becoming true Utards Utahns :) I couldn't help myself! I want Cafe Rio EVERY SINGLE DAY! I swear, instead of a grocery budget we now just have a Cafe Rio budget. I discovered their nachos last week and OMG, they are fantastic. They always look at me strange when I ask for hot enchilada sauce on them, but by the time we're done they always decide it was a great idea. Your welcome Cafe Rio.
  • The Vulcan Dental Arts sign outside of a dentist office. Is this for real? Am I missing something here or is this Dentist way too hardcore of a Trekkie? No way I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out here...
  • Learning that if we decide to go back country camping in Bryce Canyon we need Bear Proof Containers. Stringing food up in trees doesn't work anymore because the bears are becoming used to people!?! What!? I wasn't preparred to deal with cockroaches so I'm sure as heck not equipt to deal with freaking Bears!
  • Our very last patient at the nursing home weighed at least 600 pounds. He was sitting on his bed with his feet dangling over the side. He decided he was going to lay back as the Dr. worked on his feet. He layed back and his gown went back with him exposing everything. Giant balls all the way to his knees. TMI? Yeah, it was too much for me too. Be happy you didn't have to see it. I'm just glad he wasn't wearing any shoes that I had to take off. Phew...
  • Raspberry Lemon Truffle Cupcakes. From Kneaders, duh. What baked good to they make that doesn't taste like fairies dancing across your tounge? Even better than the cupcake place here that won Cupcake Wars.
  • The giant Costco size bag on M&M's sitting in the kitchen at work. I always have a pocket full of M&M's at work now :)
  • Three Day Weekend coming up! Woot! Chad's school schedule has really thrown us off so we are excited to rest, do something fun and study/clean. Well, we are excited about the first two.

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