Thursday, August 16, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I thought an awkward photo would be fun. There sure are plenty to choose from...

The most awkward moment of the week?

Getting a flat tire at midnight, on an Indian Reservation, in the middle of a lightning storm, with a forest fire burning behind us.

Chad was a champ and changed it in no time at all and the next day we had a new tire. All is well. 

  • As we are walking out of DI we see a these two women. They clearly are strangers. The younger one (in her early twenties) is carrying an teeny weeny little dog. The older lady asks to see her dog. So the younger lady goes to let her pet the super cute dog. Then the older lady proceeds to kiss and makeout with the strangers dog. LOL. It was super funny, and super gross.
  •  An 80 year old man asked if I was the Dr.'s wife while we were at the nursing home. Upon finding out that I wasn't he told me how pretty I was. Over and over.
"You are soooo pretty... and I am a very naughty boy."
          blegh. Gross, you old, dirty man! 
  • No one ever comes to our house. We don't know anyone. So the whole running around the house with no clothes on is really not a big deal, as long as the blinds are closed ;) Last night though, as I was sitting on the couch with no pants on, there was a knock on the door. I of course yelled "I have no pants on!" and Chad yelled to go hide in the bathroom. Luckily it was just the UPS man. 10 minutes later though there was another knock on the door. It was 2 men from church. LOL. We did the whole "I have no pants on!" thing again, and I hid in the bathroom while Chad chatted with them. Moral of the story: If you aren't going to wear pants at least have some downstairs to put on... just in case.
  • My lips absorb the color from our beloved shaved ice like you wouldn't believe. So of course we always seem to get them as we are going out to run errands. So I spend the rest of the evening interacting with people looking like I've devored a dozen people. When I mix Dragon's Blood with Blue Raspberry it turns my mouth a lovely shade of black that doesn't want to go away. Going to work the next morning with black still lingering on your lips is not cute.
  • Ashley and Patrick are here!!! We are taking off tomorrow afternoon to go see them in Provo and we are super excited to hang out with them!
  • Coming home to a clean house with an empty sink and a running dishwasher. My husband is the best.
  •  Presents from cute old patients. I'm slowly adding to my collection. I've got hot pads to go with my booties and towels. My favorite patient - the one who brings me chocolate covered pretzels :)
  • The blowout that led to a new tire saved us the trouble of paying someone (literally the next day) to figure out where the massive amount of shaking was coming from. Shaking gone. We now feel safe in our car again! Woot.

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