Thursday, January 10, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Don't get too distracted by our awesome new hat not to notice Chad wearing my sparkly new shoes.


  • She's baaaaack. Brittany in all her sobbing, life ending, drama is back. Her baby daddy left with all her things (in what world does this make sense, you need a better lie sweetie). Her child is constantly running around outside in nothing but her undies. She wasn't all wrapped up like a homeless person in 8 blankets last time she came over so Chad got a peek at the worst tattoo ever. Anyone surprised? I can't imagine home girl is capable of paying her rent since she couldn't get a job at Taco Bell, so maybe she won't be here in a few weeks. Want to know why she didn't ace that interview? No? I didn't either but she still told me so I'm telling you - she brought her daughter to the interview with her. If that doesn't scream "hire me!" I don't know what does. End Rant.
  • Waking up for church bright and early Sunday morning at 8am only to remember that our start time had changed. The only question was to when....? This is when it would be nice to have friends in our ward. Unfortunately we are such hideous people that everyone avoids us like the plague. Luckily my visiting teacher has to at least pretend to like me and she texted me our new time ;) So happy for 11am church now!
  • Eating brownie sundaes and drinking red bull while watching The Biggest Loser Monday night. Not the first time this happened and it wont be the last.
  • Freaking out at work because I couldn't find my phone. Is it in the kitchen? No. Bathroom? No. Ok, ok, retrace your steps Danielle. After you left the bathroom you...? Came back to my desk and started playing a game on my... phone. I seriously started freaking out that I couldn't find my phone while I was ON my phone.


  • Shopping in Vegas and being able to actually buy things (late Christmas presents and early Birthday presents for me!). It was nice to not window shop :)
  • Comfy new shoes.
  • Chad's new school/camera bag.
  • Landlords that respond immediately.
  • Financial Aid :)
  • New Scrubs, that I didn't have to pay for!
  • Watching my dog become completely paralyzed after putting a little doggy backpack on her.
  • Texas Road House bringing us a box full of rolls into work. There were only 2 of us at work that day and we had 4 dozen rolls and a tub of cinnamon butter. Doesn't get much better than that on a Wednesday afternoon without any patients!


  1. The phone thing totally cracks me up! Nice.

  2. Brittany...haha I also tend to eat the most calories during that tv show.

  3. Hahah I kind of want a bear hat like this! And comfy shoes are always a good investment! Thanks for your sweet comment :)

  4. New shoes will help you get over Brittany, at least I hope so for you :).
    You two look too cute :).

  5. I'm always glad to see posts on Thursdays. They provide a nice treat for me during my lunch break at work.
    So are you really keeping the hat? Did you guys buy matching tails to go with it?

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