Thursday, January 17, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


  • Going to WalMart to buy compressed air. All we could find, back where it normally is, were 2 packs for more than double the price on one. So Chad set out to find someone to help us. He asked some young guy who then asked a woman who worked in the electronics department. Chad explained what we were looking for again and she brought him back to where we had already been and pointed out the 2 pack. So Chad explained again. She shrugged her shoulders and said well, all we have are 2 packs. We gave up and as we were leaving, at the end of the aisle we were on we found the above pic. An entire display of compressed air, in single cans. Chad almost fell over laughing.
  • Chad reminding me of the days we were engaged and I would get dressed after coming home from work instead of changing into yoga pants and a sweatshirt.
  • I always take off people's shoes and socks at the nursing homes. One older gentleman asked me if I was going to take everything off.... and then winked at me.
  • Boxing up the rest of our food to take home from the restaurant on Monday and then leaving it on the table. We cannot every remember to take food with us. I've remembered before, been super proud of myself and then left it on top of the car. Fail.
  • Actually remembering to bring Olive Garden home on Tuesday and then dropping Chad's all over the car. Whoops. Fail.

  • Not cooking dinner yet this week!
  • Chad likes my minestrone soup over Olive Gardens. I agree.
  • There's a resident in one of the nursing homes that looks exactly like my Grandma Hoopes.
  • Tying my birthday balloons to the animals and watching the freak outs. Penny ran for her life and hid under the Christmas tree while the balloon "followed"(yes our tree is still up, we got it late so it's staying up late because we love it!!). Rukia became paralyzed, then also took off running and then hid by the couch. Sunny just laid down and started eating the ribbon.
  • Birthday surprises at work. Working on your birthday is the worst but birthday surprises at work make for a fabulous day!
  • Birthday slide show made by the hubby.
  • Week long Birthday celebrations!!! Are you sensing a theme here?
Hope you had a mostly Awesome Week! ;)
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  1. I need a good minestrone soup recipe. Will you send me yours?

  2. happy birthday week!! the best. and the old man at the nursing home? adorable :)

  3. The old man...hahaha. At least he is in a good mood, right?

  4. thanks for joining us this week. we really appreciate it! and omg i'm cracking up about the old man! that's just way too funny!

  5. Dude that would drive me NUTS at Walmart... but glad y'all ended up finding your compressed air!