Friday, January 18, 2013

Four {Confessions} Friday

1. Bunheads is awesome. And while it's no Gilmore Girls, it does help fill that void.

2. Ice Cream helps my upset stomach. It really does. Chad thinks I just want to eat ice cream, which, hello, I do. But it makes my tummy feel better when it's angry with me. Double win.

3. Does anyone else find it strange that The Biggest Loser is 2 freakin' hours long? They want me to watch, but then they yell at me for watching tv for hours. Um, anyone else confused? Regardless I'm addicted. Crossing my fingers that this season isn't a giant, disappointing, mess of a season like last year. At the very least at least I'll get to watch Jillian make grown men cry, and that my friends, is always a good time.

4. My dog follows me everywhere when I'm home. Seriously. Everywhere. She'll be sleeping and I'll walk the ten feet from my couch into the kitchen, all of a sudden she's there. She'll be sleeping and I'll try to sneak upstairs. Nope. She's only two steps behind me. She's also super jealous of the phone and anytime I use it she is all up in my face trying to get me to play with her. She may be crazy and super needy but she's an awesome pup and we love her!

Anyone brave enough to share some confessions of their own?


  1. I support you on that bunheads confession! It feels like an extension of Gilmore girls :) Also, if you watch pretty little liars, it's filmed on the same set as gilmore, so you can sort of tell what was what.. weird, yet heartwarming! And my pup follows me too, I call him 'monkey see, monkey do' bc whatever I do, he does. I get on the couch, he gets on it. I stretch, he stretches, I sit up, he braces himself to move. It's adorable and being on the other side of the country from him right now is killing me! Give your pup a hug from me!

  2. Did I write this post or we on the same wavelength? I haven't seen Bunheads, but my heart has a hole that only new episodes of Gilmore Girls can fill. Love that show. Also, what got into Jillian?! She is clearly not getting enough sleep. As the new contestants were being introduced, all I could think was "Please don't be a jerk. I hope you're as nice as you look. Please, please no Condas. Please." Last season had me hoping that none of those people won. Got to go. My dog left my side for a moment, so I can only conclude he's eating the bake sale cupcakes in the kitchen. :)

  3. That's so cute about your dog. :) She's obsessed with her mama. Mine also does that to an extent. But, she's a ninja. For example, I'll close the pantry door and turn around and BAM! There she is sitting up, staring quietly at me. And it KIND of freaks me out.


  4. I love Bunheads, even my boyfriend loves it, so funny, so cool!

  5. Yeah...two hours is too long for me. Jillian is being a total jerk..I don't like it at all.

    Our bird always wants to be outside with us. We find ourselves tiptoeing around the house in the early morning so we don't wake him up.