Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wild, Wild West

I was a binkie girl when I was little. And while I don't actually remember my binkie I do remember my toy rifle. Confused yet? Stay with me... I was finally old enough to where my parents knew it was time that the binkie went away. In exchange for all the binkies, they took me to pick out any toy I wanted at the toy store. Out of all the dolls and barbies, stuffed animals and games.... I chose a toy rifle. And I loved that toy! I remember "loading" it with pea stones pretending to shoot all the bad guys. I was packing up my room at my parents house after getting married and my toy rifle was still there under my bed. Best. Trade. ever.

The rifle didn't make the cut to move and live across the country, unfortunately. It's still at my parents, or Chad was a sneak and got rid of it. Either way... I promise there's a point to this rambling. When Ash and Pat were here they were able to stay an extra afternoon after the parents and Tay left. So I took the afternoon off and we headed out into the desert... to shoot guns :)

Chad and Pat were the most excited to go and shoot, I was mostly excited to not be at work. I really didn't think I'd be able to hit anything.


When a pop can gave us trouble and no one couldn't manage to hit it, I did. After the boys failed attempted to hit anything with one of the guns, I was the only one able to hit a can. I was slightly excited, it was a good time.

By the time we were done, we were freezing and I was asking Chad when we could get one.

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  1. Good job hitting the can! I loved when we went shooting in Idaho once - I've never gone in VA.