Wednesday, January 30, 2013


 If the last couple months are any sort of indication of how I'll be as a pregger, Chad is in for a real treat. My birth control prescription ran out and now that we have no insurance I trotted up to Planned Parenthood, thinking this would be easy and cheap.

Easy, yes.
Cheap, yes.
Makes me a crazed and depressed lunatic who really has no need of birth control, yes.

Chad would look at me wrong, I would cry. I would think about something slightly sad in the shower and bust out crying. Heaven forbid something was legitimately wrong. The whole first half of December you could find me sitting on the kitchen floor crying while Chad was in class. Yes it was a stressful couple weeks but pull yourself together lady! No need to feel bad for me, I was just a crazy, lunatic woman. And when I say was, I mean still am.

Then the anxiety came. I am still anxious over everything. Getting our registration renewed on our car. Talking to the doctor about changing my medication. Mondays. Yup, just sitting at work on a Monday doing nothing and feeling like I've got a ton of bricks on my chest. Good, c-r-a-z-y, times.

I told the Doctor I was on a emotional roller coaster. She corrected me, "No, you're on a emotional down-coaster. Let's fix this."

TMI? Yeah, probably. But I'm feeling like a legitimate crazy person and sometimes my crazy leaks through to the blog. So here's hoping that my sanity returns and I stop being a depressed, anxiety ridden crazy lady and can go back to just being my regular crazy self.


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