Thursday, January 31, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

There's a new Doctor next door to us. They share a wall with us, a wall that I sit right next to that lets all sound through. They decided it would be best to put a patient room right there. Now, all day long, I hear machines whirling about and some alarm that goes off sporadically. It seriously sounds like the fire alarm and is that loud. I hear every conversation, every movement. There's thumping, and bumping into the wall. They have some machine that sounds like the spit catchy thing at the dentist, and it runs all. day. long. Between them and my annoying neighbors who have decided to play video games all day and night in their bedroom (that shares a wall with us) I am going crazy. Granted, it's not really my neighbors fault, or these new doctors, these blasted walls are just so thin that they block nothing. I just want to go hide somewhere that's quiet. Just to get a break from the noise.

Ok, whiny time is over, onto something much more fun...

  • Every time we go grocery shopping at WalMart we see a painted van. Last time it was a big grey van with giant multi colored polka dots. Classy.
  • Our girl animals like to pass gas, a lot. Penny is a real stinker. Rukia had us cracking up though because they are usually always silent, except last night. Last night it had some noise to it and scared her. She jumped up and flipped around to see what the heck that noise was by her bum. Little did she know it was just her.
  • Again with WalMart, We saw an old man get out of his van with a giant furry hat on that had horns as well. To make that even better he was carrying a leopard purse with a chihuahua in it.
  • Me trying to take a picture of crazy WalMart man and getting caught. "See that girl over there? She's taking a picture of me". I immediately put my phone down and ran away.
  • Trying to bring dinner over or go grocery shopping for my grandparents. They refuse to let it happen. I was able to do their dishes last night while my grandma protested the whole time. I called immediately after work so I could bring them dinner (at 4). They told me they had some people over visiting and to just come over at 5 and we'd figure out dinner. By the time I got there, at 5, they were halfway through their soup. They couldn't wait any longer, "maybe if you could have come over sooner...". <Bangs head against table>

  • Getting a Valentine's package in the mail from mom and dad.
  • Going on walks with my grandma. We walk down by the river and always manage to come at the perfect time to see the herd of deer that live down there. Yesterday we saw close to 20, no biggie in Michigan, but exciting in the desert.
  • Tracy's coming to Vegas next week!!!! We're stoked to be combing two of our favorites, Family and Vegas, Woot!
  • Smashburgers Smash Fries. Holy goodness they are amazing.
  • My manager at work showing me her kitchen design plans. Or showing me how to coupon online. Or talking to me endlessly. Anything to have a break from work ;)

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  1. Go to the temple...the noises can't be heard. :)