Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas in the New Year

 We celebrated my dad's birthday on Thursday, I had to work.... boo. So after a strenuous day of chillin' at work answering a few phone calls my family picked me up and we headed out to eat. We decided to go where everyone could find something... Golden Corral! We had to accommodate 3 vegetarians, the grandparents and their meat loving tummys, and the rest of my family who is a little less particular :) A buffet was perfect!

We ate waaaay too much. And then we finished it off with cotton candy! Dad got sung to and then we headed back home to the grandparents.

Friday I only had to work half a day so we of course had to celebrate the birthday more with a second buffet! Chinese this time. It was a little bit of a drive to get there but it was my favorite. We ate soup and shrimp and noodles and loved every minute of it. This will have to be our dinner stop after Zion's National Park from now on!

Ash and Pat left us Friday afternoon. Jobs are the worst (ok, not really, but they are around the holidays). Then late Saturday night I got a phone call from Ashley.

"Are you alone"
"Uh, no"
"Ok, go into the bathroom so no one can hear!"
"We are driving back down to St. George!!! BAH!!!"

Chad, Tay and Mom tried to get the secret out of me but I didn't tell! I'm a horrible liar though and couldn't stop smiling. They were convinced that she was pregnant. They got in around 2:30 Sunday morning. After church that morning all the kids headed over to the granparents. Everyone was very surprised to see Ash and Pat, we had just said goodbye!

The rest of the weekend we played cards until we couldn't play anymore! Mom and Dad took us grocery shopping, we almost had to get another cart! The boys played pool, grandpa whooped them all! Mom and I finished someone else's puzzle at the clubhouse in my grandparents neighborhood, and we swam soaked in the hot tub! We sneaked in a trip to Cafe Rio, bought goodies for half price at Kneaders and had the biggest shakes we could find! Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to us!!!

Monday morning the parents and Tay headed back down to Vegas to catch their flight home. We said goodbye and did the ugly cry. It's always the worst to say goodbye. We had an awesome week with them and a great Christmas!


  1. I adore the photos, so beautiful, so funny.
    Happy New Year darling!

  2. So much fun! The holidays are just the best.

  3. This whole post made me smile! I just love your mom, and it looks like your whole family had a blast. You guys should all come to TX next...we have buffets...

  4. I love these photos! Especially the 1st one - so fun! Also, that reaction to the socks? Makes me think of my family :) Love it!