Friday, January 11, 2013

The Brittany Saga Continues...

I really thought Brittany had pulled her act together. Silly me. I think she was just giving us a break before she attempted to flood our apartment.

Chad and I came home from work and school Tuesday night to find water in our downstairs half bath. We looked and couldn't quite figure out where it was coming from. Chad said it looked like it was coming from the wall. We called our landlord and the two guys my age came right over.

They looked around and came to the same conclusion, it was coming from the wall. Our wall we share with Miss Brittany. They explained that sometimes a nail or something can put a hole in a pipe and cause a leak. I laughed, they hadn't met Brittany yet. Homegirl was not hanging art in her bathroom, she was flying high trying to steal our internet. Anyways...

They go over to see if they can see what's going on. 15 minutes later they returned with wide eyes asking if I knew what was wrong with her. Uh, yeah... she's on drugs and is crazy.

Apparently Brittany had clogged her toilet and it was flooding everywhere. Instead of mopping up the water and plunging her toilet she made the executive decision to just do nothing. Yup, nothing. The water was flooding their entire first floor, no biggie.

So these two guys, who don't even rent to her and have nothing to do with letting her live there, went out and bought a plunger and fixed her toilet. They said she told them she would get some towels to mop up the mess. I told them I would call them if the water didn't go away. Because let's face it. She's not going to go out and buy towels.

You would think that in the 3 times she's been over this week she could have at least asked to borrow a plunger or something. Nope, your toilet overflowing everywhere isn't nearly as important as getting the internet.

Aparmtent life is the *best*. We had gone a whole year with realatively little mishaps, now we are paying the price. Anyone else have their own apartment horror stories to add?


  1. I know how you feel! We HAD a crazy old lady that lived next to us and she had two pit bulls. She would always yell at them and stuff because they would bark when ever we would leave for work. I also loved to come home and see her very much bra-less doing laundry. I'm so so so glad she left!!! It's hard but y'all can get through it!

    1. LOL, love the bra-less ladies! Our dog acts like that since Miss Britt slams her door all the time. I guess we are crazy neighbors too :)

  2. I am sure chad remembers the little boy across the hall from us. Apparently there was some mental health issues. He did not like to where clothes. There where many times you would look up at their apartment and he would be standing in the door his natural state ;)
    Any way the time he ran across the hall to our apartment busts through the door and runs to our bathroom, not to use it, and just sits down. Oh and yes he was naked! Talk about awkward when the parents came and got him.

  3. I'm so glad she got her own post! This is disgusting and ridiculous!

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    Toilet clogs are THE WORST!! esp if you do not catch them in time!!

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  5. Oh gosh. I totally just sent you my story via email.

  6. oh my goodness...what a crazy lady. sorry you have to deal with her. i guess at the very least, you are getting some funny stories.

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  9. You have got to be kidding! That is ridiculous! Once the girls above me flooded their toilet and thought it genius to push it down the air vent. Collapsed our ceiling. Why do we let these people procreate?

  10. Oh goodness! What is wrong with that girl? I have crazy roommate stories - but aside from a middle aged neighbor who hung out in his front yard with no shirt on (and he really should have had one on) I don't have any crazy stories like that!