Thursday, March 1, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

So it finally happened. Grandpa got sick when my parents were here, my mom got sick on the way back from her super awesome vacation to see us, and now I've got it. I just want to curl up and watch tv/sleep on the couch all day. This is not good news for my train wreck of a kitchen. Jared and Will can back me up when I say that Chad and I are real good at trashing a kitchen. Unfortunately a messy kitchen does not inspire me to want to cook. Neither does being sick. Chad's gonna have a real fun day!

  • The Relief Society Welcoming Committee came over to welcome me to the ward and invite me to come to Relief Society. Huh? I've been here for 2 months people. This all started with the most awkward phone call ever, me trying to give directions (lol) to my condo to a little old lady that lives literally across the street from me. Are you on the west or east side of the complex? Uh.... don't know. Are you by the emergency lights? What lights? Are you in the second entrance? Which one is the first lady? Finally I told her that I am right on the street that we both share, you can park on the street and I am right there! She didn't believe me so I told her to call me if she had problems and I would stand in the street and wave her down. That seemed to calm her down about the whole thing. So two cute ladies came over to ask if I had time to come to Relief Society. Uh, yup, I've been going for about 2 months now. "Ooohhh... I've guess we've just never seen you". Great. Great, great, great.
  • We attempted to donate plasma last night. Ha, that was just awesome. We really thought this would be a great idea and if we both did it, it would pay for most of our rent every month, super awesome. Only super awesome though if you can donate, I was rejected due to the fact that I freak out over everything and my blood pressure was too high, twice. They sent me to sit down and calm down before they took it a second time but my finger was bleeding profusely from the little poke and then when I was walking back to get it taken again some lady ran into me. They told me to go home and try again later. Chad was great though and was able to donate. Until he started to feel horrible and got real, real pale. They stopped him early and when I found him he was looking pretty awful. He got paid though! We may have to scrap our whole pay for rent with plasma idea though if we both keep this up. I'm gonna try again. Chad's thinking about it.


  • I had another job interview this week!
  • The past couple weeks have been full of awesome garage sale and DI finds. I'm always seeing all the great things that my friends find (Holly and Brittney) and now I've got some of my own! Now that picture up top is making sense right? :) I really lucked out with a garage sale put on by a couple girls my age selling their clothes!
  • Holly sent me pound cake in the mail. It's the best, and I got it after the super awful "interview". It was much appreciated.
  • Lots of back and neck massages from Chad since I'm sicky.

FYI: Chad has the whole kitchen cleaned, the living room picked up and is now working on the bedroom while I lay on the couch zoning out to HGTV. Best Husband Ever.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon...I have no words on the Relief Society situation!