Monday, March 26, 2012

Drug Test and Syphilis Scare

Oh Monday, you did not disappoint today. I was woken up to the Parks and Rec Human Resource Manager telling me that they would love to hire me, for half of what I was making at my previous job. Granted, my previous job required schooling, and training, and some kind of skill. The woman informed me that I would first need to pass a drug test. Yay! So first up today was to take a drug test so that I can run a carousel part time in the park. Don't be jealous.

Meanwhile, we've received two notices for certified mail for Chad. We finally saw that it was from BioLife, the plasma donation center. What in the world would they be sending via certified mail? We called Matt to see what they would be sending us, all we could come up with is that during the blood test Chad tested positive for some sort of deadly disease. Matt pretty much confirmed this for us. Double Yay! So we headed up to the post office before my drug test. The first letter told Chad that he had tested positive for something. That was it. Nice and specific. The second letter had a packet of information on syphilis. What?! Awesome.

Chad called BioLife while I picked up some paperwork to take with me to the drug testing. After being closely supervised during the test, and feeling very much like a druggie somehow, we finally wrapped up that fun portion of our day and headed on to BioLife. We had come up with all kinds of crazy stories about how Chad had contracted some crazy disease in Africa, although our stories really weren't consistent with syphilis. We weren't too concerned, but you always hear those crazy stories about how people find out they have cancer or what not when they give blood. Chad met with some medical personnel for literally a hot second, where they told him that it was just a false positive. Seriously? A whole packet full of information on some crazy STD over a very false positive? Come on people.

So Chad's in the clear, it will take 24 hours to see how I fare on my test. Keep your fingers crossed!

Backing up a day, Chad and I both got callings at church on Sunday. Chad is the first counselor in the Young Men's presidency. This is perfect for Chad, and he is pretty excited about it! I am less than thrilled about my calling, I am in the senior nursery. I figure this will be a great way to meet people and make some friends. If there's anywhere I can make friends it's in a nursery with a bunch of psycho babies kicking and pulling my hair (and throwing toys at my face, seriously? what's wrong with them?) and manning a carousel. Not happy.

Hope that your weekend was awesome and that your Monday was much better than ours! Hopefully Tuesday will be kinder to us.

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