Friday, March 16, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Yesterday we went back up to Zion National Park. It was awesome! It was more awesome when we made it back down to the ground without dying. I think next Thursday will be all about the awesome awkwardness that was our attempt at climbing Angel's Landing. So here it is, a day late, but here!

  • Chad hitting another little kid in the face at Trampoline Land. He has hit me in the face multiple times in the car trying to put things in the back seat. I now recommend keeping at least arms distance from Chad at all times.
  • We have NO Air Conditioning in our car. We knew this would pose a problem in the summer when we are melting from the Utah sun. We did not anticipate this to be a problem in March. We are in big trouble here people.
  • We primed our old dining room table so that we could get all crafty with it. We used an oil based Kilz primer. Chad attempted to clean out the roller and proceeded to get paint all over his hands, way past his wrists, and the paint wasn't coming off. Detergent and soap weren't touching this stuff. Oh, and he left his wedding ring on to do this. I made a run to Home Depot and all was solved with some paint thinner.
  • Between Daylight Savings Time and Spring Break our schedule is all jacked up. We usually make it to bed around 3am and of course that means that there's no way we're waking up until at least 11am. So much for waking up early.... School starts again next week and that will force us back into our normal routine, thank goodness.


  • Not having any specific examples of how awkward church is this week :)
  • Ninja Warrior!!! Has anyone else seen this crazy awesome show? It's on some man channel, G4, and it's ridiculous. New life goal: become Ninja Warrior.
  • Homemade applesauce is the bomb. Seriously. Cut up some apples and throw them in your crockpot on low for 6 hours with a little water to cover the bottom and you will not be disappointed. Even better, add in some brown sugar and cinnamon. When it's done, smash it up and eat it straight out of said crockpot with the big wooden spoon you've been using to stir it. Heaven.
  • Easter Package from the Parents!!!! After a long process of trying to get our package we finally did and it did not disappoint! Quinoa, CousCous, nail polish, a sock, and lots of candy :) While regular mail has become quite disappointing since we are now supposed to be adults, boxes from mom and dad save the day and make mail fun again!!!

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