Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break: Movie Monday

It's Spring Break Week! WoooHooo, Spring Break! Not that our lives are terribly busy otherwise but it's an excuse to do fun things. Today was full of LAZINESS, lots of sleeping in and naps followed by good eats and movies, with some job applications somewhere in the middle. Not a bad start.

Homemade mac & cheese, yum :)

Brownie Sundaes and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nothing goes with chocolate like Red Bull


  1. Yay for Spring Break! Don't know what's that's like...haha. But sounds like a great day so far! Mac and cheese, chocolate and brownies and Red Bull! YUM! P.S. Your hair is getting so long and I love the color :)

    You guys look great :)

  2. Thanks Holls! I was thinking about cutting it but everyone keeps telling me they like it long and blonde :) Sad day that there's no Spring Break for BYU.