Friday, March 2, 2012

Miles of Tiles

Ok, maybe not miles... only four to be exact. But this project was so super easy that I could have done miles! My mom taught how to make these adorable coasters at our Craft Day in the Clarkston Ward last year but I didn't do it. Mostly because we had a piece of trash as our coffee table and it didn't really matter what happened to it. Now we have a pretty and new coffee table that we would like to try to keep that way. Coasters to the rescue!

This is all you need:
Mod Podge
Clear Spray Paint
Paper or Pictures
Foam Brush
Little Felt Pads for the Bottom

I got my tiles from Home Depot and the little felt doo dads from the dollar store! All I did was cut my paper into 4x4 inch squares, put a layer of mod podge down and then center my paper on the tile. After it dried I put one layer of mod podge over top of the paper. After that dried a put a couple coats of the clear spray and voila! Done and done.

It was really fast and easy and they turned out so cute. If you use pictures you don't even have to put the mod podge over top, just skip straight to the clear spray. They look cute on our table and would also make an awesome gift!


  1. oh man, I'm definitely going to be doing this project! Love them, so cute!

  2. Ok, now that I look more into this, I have been thinking about doing a backsplash in my kitchen, and I could easily do this to some tiles to add "dimension" to some random tiles throughout... oh now I'm excited.

    1. I never would have thought of that! You'll have your own easy custom tiles. I love it!