Monday, March 5, 2012

Cat Nap

We did it! We finally woke up early this morning! It has been a goal of ours to be those awesome people who wake up early and accomplish wonderful things before we would normally get  up. Our alarms have been set at 5:45 for, oh I don't know, like 2 years, and for almost all of that 2 year period we have slept right through them.

Last year we had a couple good attempts. We woke up, did P90X, ate breakfast, showered and got ready for work and then... I threw up. Good Morning! We stopped again after that. But really, can you blame me.

Today was not as hard core for me. Chad woke up and made us breakfast :) Then he went for a run while I laid down on the couch and tried not to fall asleep. So Chad was a super awesome rockstar this morning and I had a cat nap, literally with the cats. I did manage to wake up and work out around 10. Better than nothing! There's always tomorrow.

In honor of the beloved cat naps, here's our crazy Penny who refuses to sleep curled up in a cute little ball. Now you can see how our tiny little kitten can take up half the bed at night...

No that's not the crack apartment where we found and rescued Penny, it's just our old janky, falling apart, apartment.

Sleeping inside our luggage 

Don't you just wish you were a cat?

Congratulations if you made it to the end of the most ridiculously long post! Now go snuggle with your pets!

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  1. Penny is similar to our cats too! Shane and Brooksy love to get in and sleep in our luggage. Still impressive that you guys are doing P90X! That's so intense! So still props to you!

    Penny is so cute! I love your photos too! Great quality!