Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break: Trampoline Tuesday

We had a coupon to AntiGravity and decided to try it out today. We both got an hour of jumping for free! As soon as we got there we knew we were gonna be in for an awesome time with all the other 8 year olds that were there to rock out for Spring Break! There was a giant arena that was about 4 trampolines by 8 or 9, with trampolines up on the wall too, as you can see from that awesome picture. We went nuts, bouncing over everything, attempting to bounce off the walls, and lots and lots of flipping.

After a good half an hour or so Chad finally convinced me to try to do a front flip. Once I realized that I was a grown adult with full control over my body, and that if the six year old next to me could do it I could too, I gave it a go. No, I did not smash my face, break my neck or injure myself, I just flipped over, phew. After that it was game on and we really went crazy. Jumping off the walls proved to be pretty difficult though considering that the wall basically just threw you back down and you ended up looking like a spaz with no control over your legs. An awesome spaz though that could jump off walls.

We were pooped after about and hour and a half, and super hot and sweaty. What a workout! It was a rockin' awesome time and we will definitely be back with our coupon stash to release our inner 8 year olds!

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