Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

    • Chad hitting a little girl square in the face with a volleyball. We apologized over and over, but she just stared at us with tears in her eyes and then rode away on her trike. We did what anyone would do and immediately ran away.
    • In an attempt to save a little boys nerf arrow thing Chad climbed up onto the roof of our condos. The little boys thought this was extremely awesome but the mother who poked her head out of her door and saw Chad creeping around on the roof thought differently.
    • Freaking out over something getting caught in my eye. I wear contacts so getting something in my eye is like an everyday occurrence. But this time I got something in my eye as I was taking my contacts out. I used drops, Chad tried to see if he could see it and get it out, I stuck my eye under the faucet, blinked and blinked and blinked. Nothing. I of course thought that it would be stuck in there forever. I was planning trips to the eye doctor and everything. An hour later whatever it was finally came out once I left it alone. Overreact much?
    • Someone from the Elder's Quorum called to see if Chad had done his home teaching for the month of February. Hard to do your home teaching when you've never been given anyone to home teach. They kindly dropped off a list for him on our front door step that we found at 11 at night letting Rukia outside. Maybe next week we won't have anything awkward to say about our new ward...

    • It's currently 62 degrees outside. Loving the sunny and warm weather. Makes me a happy, happy girl!
    • Chad rockin' out his second set of tests. He's turning into one of those people who gets upset if he misses one or two questions on a test. Love my smarty pants.
    • Trail running. Up the mountain - super hard, Down the mountain - super fun. The views weren't too bad either.
    • I finally got a long dress!!! I have literally been looking for one I like for a year. Best purchase ever!!! Super comfy to wear to church, hello pajama dress. Best part, didn't have to shave my legs that morning ;) There are definitely more long dresses and skirts in my future.

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