Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last Friday Night

We headed over to the grandparents Friday morning. They are headed back to Idaho today. We were able to send them off with peace of mind by letting them know that I got a part time job. They were very happy and looked very relieved. Chad was able to meet my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Cliff who were visiting and helping them pack. After some pizza and apple pie we said our goodbyes and headed out. Hopefully we can make it up to visit sometime this summer.

We ran home to clean our house before Holly, Alex, and baby Bri came by to visit. Chad took Rukia out running with him to hopefully wear her out so she wasn't so hyper. It was great to see Holly again and to meet her family. Bri was super cute and Alex was great, very funny. We had a great time catching up. Bri tried desperately to climb our stairs, we ate lots of pizza, and Rukia tried to lick up everyone's faces.

Some cute pics from BYU days, most of the pictures we took were pretty funny/awkward/not super flatering... I went with cute ones instead! :)

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