Sunday, March 11, 2012

Poor Rukia

Our poor little baby Rukia. The three of us went hiking in Nevada on Friday and our little puppy couldn't quite handle it. She did great but tired out quickly and by the time we made it home she stumbled in the front door and plopped over as soon as she hit the carpet. Between her poor paws that got some scrapes on them and her sore muscles she has been quite the site, refusing to walk more than absolutely necessary and sleeping all day. The best part was when she was eating Saturday morning. She usually grabs some food from her bowl in the kitchen and then takes it into the living room to eat it, then goes back for more and so on. The tile was too hard to walk on for her so she just sat at the edge of the kitchen and stared at her bowl. I moved it into the living room for her and she mustered up enough strength to lay down and eat. It's got to be one of the funniest (ok, maybe pathetic) things she's done.

Feel better soon pup!

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