Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bean Queen

A nice little surprise when I was taking Rukia outside this morning...

I am channeling my inner Aunt Peggy and growing a garden! I am extremely paranoid about overwatering, underwatering, and the cats eating anything that happens to pop up. Hopefully we'll have more pictures of the awesome veggies to come :)

Don't you wish that you could hold the title of Bean Queen?! I have been on a role, three days in a row of cooking beans. Refried Beans, Black Beans and White Northern Beans today. My secret weapon? My crockpot! Oh, how I love you crockpot!!! We eat tons of burritos and soup so we go through lot of beans, plus they're great for you! And the dry beans are so much cheaper! And I can control what goes it, make them more flavorful and use less salt! Have I convinced you yet?

The method for all are the same. After you go through the beans to get out any little stones dump them in your crockpot and cover them with a bunch of water (very exact measurement there!) Check on them every so often just to make sure that they stay covered with enough water. For the refried beans I throw in an onion cut in half, cumin, salt, diced jalepenos, cayenne pepper and garlic. For the black beans I did the same (minus the onion) and added a can of fire roasted tomatoes. Cook them on high for 8 hours and they're done! I've tried cooking them for 6 and that just isn't long enough, 8 really is perfect for us. After, make sure to rinse them off and get rid of all that cooking liquid, that liquid holds the magical stuff that gives you gas :) Beans, beans, the magical fruit... For the refried beans, I just throw the beans back in the crockpot and mash them up with a potato masher, super easy and delish.

The pup and I went for a run today while Chad went mountain biking. As soon as we got home from our 3 mile run Rukia threw herself down on the ground in the kitchen. This is her usual routine after we take her running or biking with us and it's hilarious. She did manage to pick up her head and smile for the camera though!

We are definitely loving the warm, sunny weather! Happy Spring Everyone!

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  1. Yay for the garden, I can't wait to start ours this year, hopefully I don't kill everything.