Thursday, October 4, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Crazy sno cone lips.
  • Trying to look up a website to get our logo printed on shoe horns and emery boards and going to a porn site, per the sales lady on the phone. Is there anything more awkward than porn in the work place? Unfortunately this isn't my first time...
  • I went up to the church to play the piano last night and a little boy came in. This itself is nothing new. Then he sat down next to me, as I'm playing, and said "When I'm near a piano I just have to play!" He then started playing. Confused as to what the heck was happening I stopped and got up while he continued to "play" his own "music". I use these terms extremely loosely. One of his "compositions" consisted of three notes played over and over and over. I finally just gave up and left so this little boy could play out his feelings alone.
  • Our pets have boundary issues. Chad and I will be snuggling on the couch and Sunny will jump up on me and try to snuggle with Chad's face. Rukia also has no problem squeezing herself between us and snuggling down. Penny's the only one who doesn't want to cuddle with our faces. She'd much rather snuggle with our butts while we sleep.
  • A family member that was visiting a patient at the nursing home telling us stories of (1) how he had bugs that laid eggs under his toenails. Once they started hatching and crawling out, he just pulled off his toenails. (2) If he gets any sort of tooth pain he just pulls the tooth out himself. He's pulled out one whole side of top teeth and a few on the other. WHAT?! Crazy Alert! He told me to call him if I need a tooth pulled. Uh, yeah. no thanks. I'll gladly pay a trained professional.
  • The Voice. Anyone else addicted to this show?
  • After hiking Angel's Landing in the dead of night last week with Nikki and Matt we had a nutritious and delicious dinner consisting of the biggest and best onion rings and a "mini" shake the size of my head. Awesome.
  • Fry Sauce.
  • Chad rockin' out his second round of tests. He's a smarty pants ;)
  • Making muffins on Sunday so we can have breakfast this week! No matter how much I hate eating breakfast, it really does help!
  • Chad has a mid semester break for a few days next week!
  • We are finally out of the 100 degree weather! It may be high 90's but at least we've made it down a little bit. The nights are now lovely, mid 50's, and we can sleep with our windows open.
What were the best parts of your week?