Friday, October 12, 2012

Five {Confessions} Friday

1. I love donuts. I know, I know, everyone loves donuts. But I LOVE donuts. The best out there? Krispy Kremes. Hello lover! When we were visiting Ashley and Patrick one of my "must do's" was to go get a fresh, hot donuts at Krispy Kreme. If only there was a way to know if the Hot and Fresh sign was on? Oh wait, there's an app for that! Isn't technology wonderful?

While the hot and fresh and clearly the best donuts ever and krispie kremes will do. The Maverick gas station also has my beloved krispie kremes. We have been there enough to now know that they get delivered fresh from Vegas every night at midnight. We are now BFF's with the midnight Maverick workers. Awkward, maybe. Awesome, um.. yeah.

Let's be clear, I love all donuts. I am not a donut snob. Those cheap-o donuts covered in chocolate? Yum. The crumbly ones that come in a 6 pack? delish. The only donuts I don't like? The filled ones. Not my cup of tea. I don't need anything getting in the way of my beloved donut. 3 paragraphs later I realize I have a problem. My name is Danielle, and I am a donut addict.

2. The New Adventures of Old Christine is hysterical and one of my favorite shows, ever. Of course we love Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and other such epic shows, yup I said epic. But there's just something about Old Christine that I just adore.

3. I cannot for the life of me ever "prove that I am not a robot" in under 5 attempts when trying to comment on people's blog! Does anyone else have this problem? Is there something wrong with my eyes/brain? Seriously, sometimes I just give up and don't comment on blogs because I can't pass the robot test. Maybe all the donuts are going to my brain...


4. Dinner and a Movie Dates are the best. Yeah, it's obviously fun to do other things too, and we do, but there's something awesome about this simple date. When we were first married I would get out of work at noon on Fridays. We would head out to El Patio, a tiny little Mexican restaurant right across the street from the movie theater, and stuff our faces full of chips and salsa and enchiladas and tacos (mmmm). We would get the cheaper lunch special and then get the cheaper, early tickets at the movies.

I can't ever understand when I hear people complaining that all they ever do on a date night is dinner and a movie. Maybe it's because this kind of date reminds me of our newly married days. But mostly I think we just love eating and movies! Ok, maybe a little of both ;)
5.  I have lost the ability to drive. Yup, it's gone people. First, Chad drives everywhere. And it's awesome. What's better than a handsome chauffeur? Second, we don't have to drive like we used to in Michigan. We don't ever have to get on the highway unless we are taking a serious road trip. There's nothing around St. George. It's all right here, or what there is, is all right here! And if I do happen to drive on the highway, it's a straight shot in any direction with pretty much no traffic, ever.

No longer do I have a 40 minute commute to work each way on 1-75 where it's survival of the fittest. I used to be a great driver, I didn't have a choice. Before the 40 minute commute I was driving down to Detroit everyday and that took a lot longer than 40 minutes. I was a lane changing, merging, aggressive :) driving queen. Now I can barely make the 8 minute drive to work on Friday mornings.

Anything you'd like to confess? ;)


  1. Cute post :).
    Me, I have a tone of tv shows that I like, but I like the ones you also like :).

  2. I'm a blog stalker. I visit blogs often...of people that I've never met before...and they've never met me. I Admit- most of them are cooking blogs, or crafting blogs, or teacher blogs....but some are just personal and family (almost typed vampire) blogs that share stories of their daily...random lives. Hey...if they didn't want me to visit...they wouldn't make it accessible .....or am I rationalizing?
    You can blog-stalk my's a fun story really. :)
    Have a great day. :)

    1. I figure if people don't want you to look they'll make it private. I love it when people visit and comment on my blog! I always love finding new blogs to stalk, read, whatev...!

  3. I had a chocolate donut today while running errands and thought of you :)

  4. Okay I took the robot thing off my blog awhile ago because I agree, it is impossible! And yes best date ever.

  5. Oh how I miss the dinner and movie dates! Nick and I used to do them all the time,
    but then Makell came and babysitters are too expensive so gone are the days of dinner and a movie. :(

  6. Wow you definitely have my mouth watering with that picture of Krispy Kreme. I want one Now!! The way they melt in your mouth is like no other. And I thought I was the only one who watched Old Christine, it's so funny! I've only caught a couple of episodes but they all had me laughing each time.

    The House of Shoes

  7. Danielle! :-) I love your blog, so I nominated you for The Liebster Blog award! Check out my blog for details! Xo
    P.s. I don't like the "prove you're not a robot" thing either! Lol

  8. great post! oh man i get so frustrated with the prove your are not a robot things!

  9. Your robot thing was hilarious. Those words have been getting so hard to read's actually really making me question whether I am, in fact, not a robot.