Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Starting around 7pm Friday night we started getting ridiculous knocks on our door. I would corral the puppy and Chad would go to the door and.... surprise!.... no one would be there. After the third time Chad turned off all our lights, opened the door and sat in the opening with a glass of water. Don't prank the prankster.

Unfortunately they had moved on at that point. But it started up again around 9. By this time we knew it was some Young Men from church having some fun with their leader. Since we are both really feel like teenagers still we decided to play along. We left a little present in their car, ahem, Rukia left a little present in their car (It was in a bag, we aren't that mean). And after that went back and forth, the water came back out and Chad raced all over our complex with 3 teenage boys trying their darnedest to catch him. Never happened. Don't prank the prankster kids.

We couldn't do anything too wild and crazy, we are the "adults" in this situation after all, so here's how it ended:
Cotton balls were really the only thing we had in our house. We were working with nothin'!

Then it started again. Because while we still feel like teenagers, they actually are teenagers. Which means they have way more time on their hands, get bored easily and have no interest in watching the presidential debate.

So while we attempted to watch the debate, clean up from dinner, cut the pups hair, and blog, this was happening outside. Yes, we heard it. Yes, we were smart enough to stay inside while the crazy occurred. I was NOT getting hit in the face with a water balloon.

Chad attempted to get them with a bowl full of water. It didn't happen. We were at a real disadvantage. We had nothing to work with. Chad gave it his all with the bowl but ended up breaking it in the end.

So while we won the first round, they definitely won the second. And now the balls in our court. And while my inner teenager wants to do something awesome, my inner adult knows that these kids have got us beat in the time and boredom category. But when have we ever acted like adults... :)


  1. haha I love it. Way to get back at them :)

  2. Amazing!!!!
    If you want, we can follow each other!! Let me know!



  3. i like the way you think!! have fun with it and get them back!!! don't prank the prankster is a good motto!

  4. oh wow what a story!


  5. I love the cotton balls on the car!