Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bragging Rights

I don't know if you all know this but my husband rocks. And while I could go on and on and bore you with all the details of his awesomeness I will just leave you with this one:

He is a great photographer. Seriously though. I know everyone thinks their husband is great at everything and all that, but he really is good. Don't believe me, go check him out for yourself! ;)

And if you feel so inclined, leave him some comments so he knows that not just his wife thinks he rocks! He's also started a "Photo a Day" project, so if you have any ideas of what he could shoot or a style or subject you'd like to see, let him know! Give him a challenge :)

Your turn! Anyone special in your life you want to brag about?


  1. My daughter rocks, I love her honesty, her kindness, her imagination. While other girls her age are talking about others and worry about what other people think, she is not. She has such great self confidence and I hope she always keeps it.


    1. Your daughter sounds awesome! What a great attitude to have!

  2. that one in arches national park is so cool...and the one of you in the park is stunning!