Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wrap it Up!

So how did my goals pan out last month? Let's see:

1. Wake up. Hahahaha. Yeah, no this didn't happen at all. Moving on....

2. Take More Pictures. This I did! We went down to the rodeo specifically to take pictures on a date night and I was armed with my camera on our camping trip to Arches. While I may be frustrated that I'm not as awesome as Chad, I'm practicing. And practice makes perfect right? Or at least makes you better :)

3. RUN! This we did! We started running that first week that I made this goal. We are averaging about 3 miles per run during the week with longer runs on the weekend. We didn't run when Nikki and Matt were here but we definitely moved with them! Hiking, climbing mountains, and jumping on trampolines (no matter how fun!) are all definitely workouts. And I've got the sore legs and buns to prove it! We've started running again this week since Nikki and Matt left us forever :(

4. Keep the Kitchen Clean. Check and check. The dishes have mostly been done every night. The counters have been relatively clear and wiped down as well. Now I need to move on to the nasty floors. Between our dog and all of our outdoor stuff (rock climbing, running, hiking, oh my!) we track in a lot of dirt.

5. Get my Cute on and wear something besides scrubs and workout clothes. Done! I dressed my self like a proper adult should do the first weekend and fortunately I was camping the second weekend :) So that means workout clothes were required! :) Last week the Dr. was out of town and I wore actual cute clothes to work twice. Two times is better than nothing! Last weekend was another success as well!

So it's a new month which means I'm updating the goal list. I think that shorter term monthly goals are working out better for me. I can focus on them for a month, hopefully make them a habit, and then add in some more the next month. That or abandon anything good I had going last month and fail miserably. Either way really. We'll see.

1. Wake your lazy butt up in the morning! Seriously. Get. Up.

2. Play the piano more. And when I say play more, I mean play anything in general. Playing once would be playing more. I'm gonna shoot for once a week.

3. Keep on top of the Laundry Situation. Laundry blows. I think we can all agree on that. But it's even worse when you put it off and have to do crazy amounts of loads on a sunday night because you have 1. no clean underwear  2. no clean scrubs  3. no clean pants (Chad).

4. Floss. I. HATE. Flossing. Why? I don't even know. When I'm tired at night I just want to fall into bed and pass out. But I'm already taking out contacts and washing my face and brushing my teeth and putting on lotion (gross, does anyone else hate lotion or am I the only crazy one?). I might as well add in flossing and mouth wash for that matter, especially since I don't know when we'll be at the dentist next.... Oh to be poor college kids!

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables. I used to have really good intentions and would buy us lots of fruits and veggies every week. And every week a larger portion that I would like to admit just sat there and went bad. So I stopped buying very much. Now that the kitchen is clean and Chad is in classes and we've settled into a routine, I'm better at making dinner every night. So hopefully we can be good and eat all our produce now.

While I've got a shiny new list of goals, I'm still going to keep doing my other ones from last month. That's the idea right? Making new habits?

What goals do you have for the month of October? What New Years Resolutions have you already accomplished because you're a rockstar?


  1. Do you use Bountiful Baskets? It has helped cut my grocery bill down and it basically forces me to use the fruit and veges we get. I plan menus around the food that we get and then we eat them better. I <3 Bountiful Baskets.

    1. A friend in our ward told us all about them and we just signed up to get our first basket on Saturday! I feel like it's Christmas, I can't wait to see what goodies we will get! I'm glad to hear that you like them as well, especially since we've got to pick it up at 7am. :)

  2. I love this list. It's everything that's on my to do list as well :) you are such a motivated person!

    The House of Shoes

    1. It's always nice to know there are other people out there working on the same things! Good luck!!!

  3. Ok, you've made me realize how bad I amat goals and running lately. Ok ok you boss me around! I'll get my but out of bed!

    1. Making new habits is h-a-r-d! I'm much better at making lists of goals than the actual follow through :) I'm hoping that making them public will hold me a little more accountable!

  4. great goals! it's awesome that you met most of them! mine for october is definitely try to do more yoga!