Thursday, October 11, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

There will be no awkward pictures of me post wisdom tooth removal. Lo siento friends. lol

  • We stopped to pick up something really quick at Walgreens, when we were checking out the credit card machine asked us if we wanted to donate money to some charity. It gave 4 monetary options including none. We are poor so we chose "none". Then the machine froze. It seriously wasn't going to let us continue because we were cheap. Then the whole computer froze. We were laughing hysterically that we wouldn't be allowed to purchase anything because we wouldn't donate anything. The long line forming behind us didn't find it quite as funny as we did.
  • Friday night we ran up to the gas station to grab some fresh donuts (oink, oink) but the fresh donuts hadn't come yet, it was midnight. So what do we do? Wait until 1 o'clock in the a.m. to go back and try again! We are crazy, we are addicted to donuts, and we don't ever sleep on the weekends. The gas station people are our new BFF's and think we are quite funny as well.
  • Finding a cute outfit on pinterest and repinning it. Then realizing that it was first pinned by a ten year old girl I taught in primary. I'm glad that my fashion sense is that of an elementary school girl.
  • Getting my wisdom tooth pulled and then needing to get my prescriptions filled. Chad was in class and I figured I probably needed my pain medication fairly soon. So I strolled through the whole of Costco with gauze sticking out of my mouth and an ice pack on my cheek. I apologized profusely to anyone I had to interact with and most people were very nice. Some were extremely concerned for my well being and others looked at me like I was going to give them an infectious disease. Thanks Costco for making me wait 45 minutes to get my medication and making all of your other customers afraid of the diseased girl.
  • Novocaine.
  • Nitrous Oxide.
  • We can sleep with our window open at night, it's so nice and cool!
  • Watching Rukia freak out after a bath. She's too funny to watch tear through the house throwing herself on the ground, rubbing up against everything. Girl does not like to be wet.
  • Our Bountiful Harvest Basket. We order an awesome fruit and veggie basket online, and then pick it up super early Saturday morning. It's like Christmas! Can't wait for our next one this weekend!
  • Chad had to call about our less than stellar Internet connection and actually got someone who was really helpful. On top of being helpful he was crazy nice. At the end of the conversation, which revolved mostly around the Walking Dead, he told Chad how awesome he was and to "never change"!
Your turn! What was awkward/awesome about your week?


  1. Replies
    1. Right?! We are hooked after one week!

  2. haha these posts are hilarious. i love the costco part and the walgreens line! i am jealous of the bountiful harvest basket...i need to find something like that out here in california! XO

  3. That's funny that it froze! Haha, kinda cool that they can do that on machines now... so much easier to take our money when we are poor! :) I have a fun giveaway on my blog that I think you will like! Check it out:

  4. ok, I finally had an awkward worth posting. I was in a meeting tonight for orchestra. I was sitting next to the orchestra director. Through out the meeting his stomach was growling very loudly. I have only heard someones tummy growl like that for one of two reasons. #1 They are really really really hungry or #2 They have gas. I sat for the rest of the meeting hoping that it was #1 not #2

  5. haha great post, it was a good read, i remember getting my wisdom tooth pulled out, it was a week of icecream for me!

    1. The food sure helps to make up for the discomfort :)

  6. So my friends brother just got his wisdom teeth out this week and she showed me videos of him post op. He was totally out of it saying random things like "my tongue is like a trampoline" or she asked him if he wanted her to buy anything at walmart and he was like "yeah, ice cream. we all scream for ice cream." then he proceeded to make her scream for ice cream. I was laughing so much! It definitely was awesome for me but maybe awkward for him. haha. fun post!
    doing a giveaway right now on my blog...

    1. LOL, I'm so glad that I didn't get put out for my wisdom teeth, no crazy stories for me! I'll just enjoy everyone else's stories!