Thursday, May 16, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

What most of last week looked like. You can't beat puppy snuggles.
  • Chad whipping a dodge ball at a 10 year old(ish) at trampoline land, bending his fingernail back and making him cry like a little girl. In his defense they boy was cheating. If that wasn't bad enough... it was the little boys birthday party. Way to kill the party Chad. Birthday ruined.
  • One of our nursing home patients saying Haggen Daz over and over and over. It was like a turrets thing of sorts. Best use though was when he would replace all of the normal slew of swear words that older people enjoy with the simple phrase, "Haggen Daz!!!". You would not believe what comes out of these seniors mouths, worse than high school hallways by a mile.
  • A patient calling and trying to set me up with his reformed nephew who's rich. It was a long conversations starting with, "Now are you still married?". All in all it was kinda flattering as he said he was really impressed by me. Flattering/Creepy.. then confusing when he told me he used to "pick people in hotels". What does that even mean? I'll take what I can get I guess. Once Chad heard the guy was rich he told me to go for it ;)
  • Almost getting neighbors. Last Friday night there were a bunch of people next door partying until 4:30 am. Not just kinda loud but the throwing up on the back patio kind of loud as someone yelled to hold the drunk girls hair. Then... magically.... they were gone. Literally the next morning before 10am they were all gone, never to be seen again. And while I'm confused, I'm fine living with the confusion as long as I never see hear them again.
  • Killing the cockroach I found in the shower all by myself! What? You don't immediately call someone in to kill all the bugs for you? Chad was in bed sick so I figured this one was on me. Luckily there was a cup in the bathroom I could get him into before flushing him. Goodbye!
  • My office manager stopping by my house after a couponing extravaganza and gave us half of her trunk full of groceries! Super generous and delicious :)
  • Chad on pain killers.
  • Chad taking me shopping on Mother's Day!
  • Restocking our candy drawer at the 39 cent candy sale while waiting for a prescription. KitKats and Almond Joys and Snickers, oh my!

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  1. So love hearing about your week! Also glad to know that you have your candy drawer restocked. I cleaned ours out! Just the good stuff for us. Love, MOM