Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Before and Afters

I know I've mentioned it before but... my hubby's awesome.

In the weeks before getting married he decided to build a bed for us. So he spent hours and hours outside in my parent's garage just kinda winging it. And it turned out awesome. I loved it and loved knowing that Chad spent all that time making it for us.

We then moved the bed from the garage into our first apartment. And when I say "we" I mean Chad and his friends and my brother. I was lucky enough to be at work and get out of moving it, soooo heavy. 2 years later it moved back to the parents. Then across the country, up a flight of stairs into our room and into a guest room. 3 1/2 years later the time had come. So it made one final move.

Back down the stairs, into the car, over a cliff and into a bonfire. A huge, hot bonfire. It was a spectacular and fun ending to our favorite bed.

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