Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Too Much Fun

Sunday Funday!

Sunday we got to catch up with one of our awesome friends Andy. We hadn't seen him in yeeeeaaaars. We were both surprised to see Jacob and his wife, I still picture him as a kid on our living room floor trading Pokémon cards with my brother. We got to meet Andy's awesome wife, Danielle. We hung out, caught up, ate and tracked down some diet coke :)

Oh Monday.... holiday's are the absolute best. We slept in, rode our bikes out in the sunshine to get a lovely subway lunch, came home and watched Arrested Development to our hearts content and then decided to go out and see if we could find some deals :) I needed a sports bra and Chad needed some shorts. Thank you TJMaxx.

Then of course, we went rock climbing. It's easily Chad's favorite thing to do right now, and it's quickly turning into something I like as well :) While I may not be very good, it's still a fun sport, and hanging out in the sunshine all afternoon with my guy and my pup isn't a bad deal at all. Chad's getting really good, and I'm able to climb things without having emotional breakdowns. It's a win-win.

Well it was a win-win situation until we hiked back up to our car and accidently locked our keys inside and then discovered we had a flat tire. That's a loose-loose. It was 9pm and we were out in the desert with very little options. After a few choice words we gathered ourselves (and the pup) up and decided to just run the 3ish miles home. It wasn't that far. We'd only been rock climbing for 3 hours. We finally realized how dark it would be when we would have to run the 3 miles back, that it would all be uphill, and we still needed to somehow break into our house for the spare key.

Finally coming to our senses we realized we needed to beg someone to help. So we called a couple from church to come and rescue us. They were more than willing and we are still super grateful. We easily broke in through the kitchen window (such a secure house we have) and they drove us all the way back to our car. Chad put on our spare and we were out of there in no time.... kinda.

It was 10:30 and we were beyond exhausted from climbing and running and only having a stupid subway sandwich all day. So we ended the day with some of the only food available in the bustling town of St George at 10:30, Dominos. Along with ridiculous amounts of water and the rest of Arrested Devolvement we finished out our holiday weekend, thoroughly exhausted and happy.

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