Wednesday, May 1, 2013

LLamas and Munchkins and Pancakes, Oh My!

The view from my Grandparents front window
Last weekend Ash and Pat were finally able to convince us to make the drive up to Montpelier with them to show the boys the town and hang out with the grandparents. We started up on Thursday, spent the night in Provo on Friday, and then made it into Montpelier Friday afternoon. Phew.

The grandparents may have loved that we took the longest way to get there. They also loved that Chad ordered 3 pancakes at the Ranch Hand. They loved showing off their beautiful home and Susie the vacuum. They loved taking us all on their house tour, showing us all the homes they had lived in. Grandpa gave us the extended tour that included a few more houses, property and the Mill. They loved that they boys were able to help out Uncle Stephen and get some yard work done and they loved that the girls could help with some handwriting. Grandpa loved teaching the boys to play snooker.

Ash and I loved wandering through Kings, watching the boys reaction as we passed cows, sheep and llamas on the way into town, and seeing the jankiest house with the junkiest trailer people ever... ever. We found out later that this was on the grandparents home tour, in fact grandpa found their landlord dead there. It was kinda fitting. Patrick almost died when we pulled up and stopped outside this trashpit house and grandpa told the story. We loved visiting with Aunt Peggy and Uncle Stephen into the wee hours of the morning. We loved trying to find something to eat for dinner and finally just going to every single fast food place in the town.... Subway and Arctic Circle.

We rounded out the trip with games of Munchkin, lots of sushi on the way home, and Chad and I almost running out of gas in the middle of nowhere in the middle of Utah. Next time we'll have to go up in the summer so we can take Grandpa out to the lake with us and wait 4 years to eat at the Bear Cave. I never did get my raspberry shake so we'll be back ;)


  1. Those scenic views are so picturesque. What a memorable trip you had. {And those pancakes look heavenly.}

  2. What a great trip! It reminds me of all the trips to Idaho that we had when you were growing up. So grateful for 4 wonderful kids that help out and have fun along the way. I love you, MOM

  3. I knew I liked you! My grandma grew up in Montpelier--her name was Glenna Austin and her parents were Torrey and Ethel Austin (just in case you want to play "Did you know?" with your grandparents). Torrey taught at the high school there (the high school may have been in Paris...I'm not sure), but they lived in Montpelier for sure. We go up to see the old homestead sometimes when we're at Bear Lake in the summer. I love that place! You must come from good people.