Thursday, May 9, 2013


We've had a long week.

In addition to the continuing joys of having no health insurance Sunny escaped a week ago.

We found out yesterday from some kids that he was hit by a car last weekend.

So I've got nothing particularly funny to report about today. We are both just sad that Chad lost one of his best friends. He was getting old and tired and we wished we could have held on to him a little longer. He survived a house fire and being set free by a crazy neighbor. He only ever wanted to be loved and snuggled, usually on top of your face. He was an awesome cat and we miss him like crazy.


  1. I am sad that Sunny is in cat heaven. No more licks on my face while he holds it between his paws:(
    ---Sorry, Mom

  2. :( breaks my heart. I'm sorry! Cats are the best!

  3. So sorry, Danielle!!! This is awful. Hugs and prayers your way.