Friday, May 24, 2013

Sittin' Pretty

Is anyone else overly excited about the 3 day weekend that is upon us! We literally have no plans, as of yet, but I am sooooo happy! No answering phones, no sweeping up toenails, no smelly feet and no dementia patients yelling at me about who the heck knows what. Hagen Daz!!! You're on your own this weekend people, you'll have to put your own shoes on! Mwahahahaha

Remember when I told you about trying to suck it up and run more, and actually be able to run a half marathon in a couple months? I've actually been sticking to that plan. What?! Crazy sauce, I know. Granted the first two weeks consisted mostly of 2-3 mile runs but I'm hoping they've established a pattern, and I think that they have for the most part. I'm trying to throw some P90X in there as well, that hasn't happened all that much, but the running has! And that my friends, is a win.

 Animated Gif on Giphy

It's starting to be deathly hot around here. Hello 100 degrees, so glad you could join us in... May?!!?! So I'm either going to have to run at night or attempt to wake up in the morning. Sick of hearing about me trying to wake up before 8am? Yeah, I'm sick of it as well. I need to find a race that starts around 9pm. That would be perfect. Because while I don't want to wake up early for anything, once 11pm hits I'm down for the count. There's really a very brief window of time where I feel up and awake, unless there's some serious red bull involved.

Enjoy your 3 day weekend peeps!


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  1. bahaha! Love Liz Lemon.

    I am getting tired of trying to get up early in the morning. I have started to wake up - but I haven't stopped rolling over and going back to bed. Maybe one day this week will be the win. You're doing better than me!