Thursday, May 30, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

It's the Final Countdown! We're off to Kokomo tomorrow!
  • A patient clipping her fingernails in our waiting room. Ugh, I really feel like that's an activity that should be restricted to your own bathroom. blegh.
  • Waiting 2 hours to get 3 tires changed on our car. Apparently it is rocket science.
  • A patient brought his "service" dog in with him last week. It was the most hyperactive golden retriever I've ever met. It just tore through the entire office smelling and rubbing on everything. Our office smelled like dirty wet dog the rest of the day. Needless to say the pup was a pet, NOT a service dog. However small details like that don't stop the whole of St. George from bringing their animals everywhere with them.
  • Finding out halfway through your haircut that your hairdresser works for the WalMart salon during the day. She did a great job though so it all ended well.

  • Getting our flight changed! They switched our original flights, leaving us with a 10 HOUR layover. So Chad called last night and got us on a later flight with a short layover that will get there earlier. Awesome sauce.
  • Chopping 7 inches off my hair!
  • Making time to go play the piano last weekend.
  • Knowing we get to see a ton of family and some great friends in just a few days :)

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